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True Stories of Life in Japan

True Stories of Life in Japan is a series I decided to do as a creative writing exercise. My constraints were that I was to publish one per weekday, that each would be at least 500 words, that the series would have ten installments. They would each focus on some aspect of life there, while collectively describing the gestalt of my experience. They should be both entertaining and informative. I know I succeeded at the objective constraints; I leave it to the reader to determine my success at the subjective ones. I hope you like them!

0: How I Got there
1: Culture Shock
2: Exploration as Recreation
3: A Cross-Country Drive
4: Combini and Vending Machines
5: Bicycling and Injury
6: Shopping Blind
7: The Elusive Asian Girlfriend
8: Nonverbal Communication
9: So You Want to be an Expatriate
10: All Good Things