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keeping up

Today I got to code to solve a problem. The Army’s bit of code which moved flight records from the maintenance database into the pilot records database broke, and I got to write a replacement. It’s trivial code, really: take a fairly complex SQL join generated by MSSQL, and write its results to an XML [...]

Protocol Buffers

Subtitle: The good, the bad, and the… no, wait; this is a Google project. XML and Java have the same sort of flavor to them: they’re reasonably good and very widely used; they’re the sort of product that design committees everywhere aspire to create. Their flaws only really become visible after something better comes along. [...]

because i’m a nerd, that’s why

I’ve been dutifully putting song ratings into iTunes for years now, rating each song individually according to its merit. iTunes actually died a while ago and forced me to start the entire rating process over again, but I still hope that one day I will have a fully rated music library. While I can set [...]

moon mine misc.

It is a favorite theme in science fiction that the moon is colonized as a mining base, to provide resources to a depleted Earth. This marks the first time I’ve seen something like that in the news. Then, though it happened too soon for there to be a cause-and-effect relationship, this came out. The second [...]