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note to self

Certain BIOS configurations, including those on my primary computer, will silently deprioritize drives which have been disconnected. Consequently, after disconnecting the drives so that an attempted Windows install to an external hard drive can’t possibly mess up their MBR, it is important to disconnect any other USB drives simultaneously with reconnecting the primary RAID. Failure [...]


It’s been just over a year since I bought my first laptop. I bought the cheapest one I could find, because all I really wanted was to be able to dedicate a machine to the Army. It needed to be able to check my email, run the Army’s flight planning software, and little else. It’s [...]

army vignettes

Our lieutenants were promoted last week. They all graduated from the class of 2007 at around the same time, and this marked their 18-month promotion cycle updating. They were joking around with each other about just coloring in their rank insignia with Sharpies, instead of buying new ones. “It’s kind of bittersweet,” one mentioned. “I [...]

one day i will stop inventing onomatopoeia on the web

Gah! Downgrading iTunes had an unfortunate side effect: it removed all my stored playlist settings. Let me say this again: It removed all stored playlist settings, including the 5000 or so song ratings I had set to tell it which music I liked and which I did not. Generating 5000 song ratings was a process [...]

eudora is not cutting it

Do any of you have an email client that you particluarly prefer, that runs on Windows? I really liked KMail, but getting it to run within Windows is troublesome, as it’s a Linux application.