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Unfinished Story Fragment

Once upon a time magic wasn’t very useful. Most people could touch it, bend it in at least a small way, but as a practical force it was too complicated, too arcane for most. The most successful magicians, the ones with towers of their own and actual incomes from the use of magic, were mildly [...]

because even when i do nothing you are desperate to read about it

Some may wonder what I was up to on this long weekend. Others may wonder what long weekend I’m talking about, but they get the shortest answer of all. The majority, at any rate, are wondering different things entirely. The US Army celebrates Columbus Day with a four-day weekend, which would be a suspicious use [...]

on the creation of a national language

I can trace my roots back to immigrants if I go back five generations. Despite that, only my mother and grandmother can speak French (their ancestral tongue), and it was a second language for both of them. Every one of us speaks English as our first and primary language. My great-grandfather on my mother’s mother’s [...]

contingency planning

If I ever end up in the UK hosting a party, I will be sure to feature this as the dessert.

Future thoughts

I was out walking today (mainly to remind myself that the sun does exist, and that unlike a vampire, I will not wither and die from contact with its rays), and I saw a bunch of kids playing soccer in the field. This would not be particularly remarkable in and of itself, because winter here [...]

two cents from cyberland

It’s no secret that I like to work with kids. I started something over a year ago, and will probably continue to do so until I begin active duty. It’s not terribly difficult work, and it keeps me moving about and on my toes. Besides, most of being a camp counselor, or even keeping track [...]


So. Christmas has come and gone, and with it the gifts, experiences, and whatnot. Drove a few hours today to Mass, to see my new cousin get circumcised. It’s a ceremony that, as important and holy as it may be, still gives me the jitters. Other than that… Driving back home, it began to snow. [...]


Definitely one of the lesser known of mythical bests, you are described as having the head and legs of a cock, the body of a serpent, and the wings of a bat (although there are wingless varieties). You were the blame of hundreds of thousands of deaths in the middle ages. Your breath and even [...]