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even its mistakes are big

Texas does something stupid again. Two murderers, otherwise alike, kill to obey the deific voices they hear. The one who listened to God is obviously insane (God would never harm someone (except in the Old Testament, which is over now)), so she goes to the asylum. The one who listened to Satan goes to jail [...]


Well, I’m back from skiing. It was good times. There wasn’t anything really challenging going on, in part because my sister’s boyfriend was just imported from Texas and hadn’t skied before. Our goal was to have him on black diamond trails by the third day, but we never really got past the blue squares. Too [...]


I hope you’re having a very jolly New Year’s celebration. After all, there’s still some mistletoe left over, some parties to attend, some people to see… As for me, I’m going to sleep in a few minutes. “Why?” you ask. It is because I have a flight at Logan tomorrow morning, and I’m getting up [...]

i complain because it is easier than expressing contentment properly

Things that have happened: I spent several hours catching up with a friend who just flew in from Texas. It’s pretty nice to talk to him… and after only 16 more months time-in-rank, he becomes a Senior Airman! I still can’t believe he enlisted instead of going through ROTC, but it was his choice, and [...]


Immediately after posting this, I will shut down my computer. In a little less than five hours, I will embark on a system of transportation which will deliver me eventually to a point in Northern Texas. What with one thing and another, I don’t expect to have access to this, or any other computer until [...]


I just spent several hours hanging out with my best friend from childhood. He just got back Tuesday night from the training portion of his career in the Air Force; in a little over a week he’ll leave again for a three year tour of duty at Lackland AFB as a ground radio technician. I [...]


I seem not to have posted recently. This can be easily explained by the fact that nothing terribly interesting has happened to me in the last few days. Right now, I have a job at Decathlon as a cashier. Training starts Saturday. There are two problems with this. The littler problem is simple: a bunch [...]


So I’ve been home for a week now. What have I accomplished? Basically nothing. I’ve made progress in a few areas that it’s probably good to make progress in; I’ve submitted job applications to a variety of places, and it seems likely that at least one of them will be interested in me. I’ve worked [...]