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The Soul Solution

Doctrinally, Catholics must go to Mass every week [ref]. That’s tough, though: there are plenty who’d rather be sleeping in and then watching the game, not dressing up for worship. This business is here to provide a solution. The notion is simple: your soul is like your dry-clean-only laundry. Drop it off at the cleaner’s [...]

I like that one of the autotags for these three sentences is “rational egoism”

Human beings are not rational. I am, unfortunately, human. I may not be able to transcend my nature but I don’t have to like it.

Ideal Language and the Possibility of Deceit

Should an ideal human language allow deception? I say yes. What’s the point of language? To allow a speaker to induce a mental state in a listener. At its most basic level, this allows communication of basic concepts, plans, and facts. At more advanced levels, it can be used to induce emotions or to persuade. [...]