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note to self

Certain BIOS configurations, including those on my primary computer, will silently deprioritize drives which have been disconnected. Consequently, after disconnecting the drives so that an attempted Windows install to an external hard drive can’t possibly mess up their MBR, it is important to disconnect any other USB drives simultaneously with reconnecting the primary RAID. Failure [...]


It seems that the ALSE people rock. Aviation Life Support Equipment is a small, but heavily-trafficked office just outside the briefing rooms at the stagefield. Before every flight, one of the pilots goes to ALSE to check out life-support vests to wear in-flight. The vests are packed with goodies which are only useful after having [...]


Seven weeks ago, my motherboard died. It took about a month before the replacement motherboard arrived. At that point, I discovered that I needed more parts (to strip the old thermal gunk from the processor, and to replace it when I reassembled the system), which took another two weeks to arrive. There was another week [...]

nLite is spelled V I C T O R Y

Problem: microsoft assumes that anyone wanting to install drivers before installing windows (such as people attempting to install onto a RAID) will have a floppy drive. This is not always true. Solution: integrate the drivers into the install CD with nLite. It’s a very cool program.

Part Suggestions

I think that for Christmas, I will assemble a computer so that I can play games reliably again. In the past, I’ve bought systems pre-assembled from various companies. Unfortunately, my budget was always, at best, limited, so my only option was to buy old technology and then run it as long as it held up. [...]