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Ground Zero Mosque

The fact that there even is a debate about this sickens me. It’s one thing to impose security theater on air travel, making it even more terrible with no real increase in safety. I can accept that; I am outvoted by the masses who do in fact prefer to trade in liberty for the perception [...]

What to do about the North

I’ve been reading books about North Korea since I got here to the South. I think that by this point I’ve got a fair sense of what the nation is, and what it might do. Given that, I think that the US, S. Korea, and as many of the UN as we can convince should [...]


I am now a Chief Warrant Officer 2. Unless I stay in the army longer than I expect to, this is the rank I’ll leave it with. It’s no mark of special merit: every Warrant Officer gets this promotion automatically after two years as a WO1. Still, it’s nice to have the recognition, the pay [...]

USAF Model HGM-25A Missile Weapon System Operator’s Manual

I tonight came across the operator’s manual for a Titan Missile complex. It’s an enormous, 600-page PDF that I just cannot stop reading. It is fascinating in a very literal sense for me–I’ve spent a few hours more than I intended to already reading this–because it hits several of my buttons: Big Tech, Nuclear Weapons, [...]

Review: Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow

When George Orwell wrote 1984, the technology to implement the sort of surveillance state he feared didn’t yet exist. It still didn’t exist when 1984 actually rolled around; a person might be forgiven for having assumed at the time that the relevant tech would stay uninvented for the indefinite future. Just over two decades later, [...]