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There comes a time in every programmer’s life when they decide that some silly, common library that they use all the time just isn’t good enough. It takes too many actions, or it feels opaque, or there are obvious features conspicuous in their absence. For me, that time is now, that library is ConfigParser, and [...]

perl is what happens when you irritate a programmer for years

I hate Perl. Perl is an agglomeration of functionality combining the worst of incomprehensibly terse unix syntax with the worst of every other incomprehensibly terse syntax Larry Wall could get ahold of. There are people who love Perl. Who enjoy producing write-only code. Who are proud that an incredibly high percentage of completely random files [...]

no, what’s getModel() do?

Java isn’t a bad language, really. It’s got a lot of positive things going for it, and when things work right, they come together quite easily. It’s just that it’s so incredibly picky. Say that, for some reason, you want to include a GUI checkbox in a program. You can drop one in with no [...]


I keep thinking of programming projects that would be really cool, that I want to work on, that I really shouldn’t because I have other work that I’m supposed to be doing. I think it’s because I’ve gone too long without taking a course in which I actually program anything. This is funny, because I [...]

you don’t get to hear the long story

Well, that was interesting. The short story is that my computer died, and that I’m using a public machine right now (and for the conceivable future) because I can no longer log into my own. I guess that the Perl will have to wait a little bit longer.

Me: How hard can Perl really be? Perl: Ooh, a challenge!

Ok, the test program I wrote now works beautifully, as well as providing a bit of an introduction for me into Perl regular expressions. Also, I got down to business and wrote the program specification, detailing in English exactly what the program will do. At this point, all that’s left is to do is a [...]

this is nonsense

Ok, I have two files: and contents are as follows: ### # this is a test program # it tries to read the names of files in a directory to a file print “Please enter the name of the directory you want to list.\n”; print “Be careful of capitalization.\n”; print “: “; [...]


When you get down to it, Perl is Qbasic with a facelift and liposuction, on speed. This is a good thing. I intend to learn it enough to write a functional program to fix my .mp3 filetags by tomorrow, having no previous knowledge of the language.

i no longer remember the context of this post

New thought: I may work entirely in java for the main frame, so that I keep the advantages of multithreading without having to deal with multiple-language programming. I’m going to have to look into this. Is Perl multithreaded? Because if I’m going to learn a (basically) new language for this project, it might as well [...]