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Sorry to hear

So, it looks like I’ve rendered two computers unusable in five days. On the plus side, I have a reasonable hope that I’ll be able to send in the old motherboard (which I’ve determined was the point of failure) and have it replaced under warrantee. It’ll only cost $60, plus shipping both ways. Now, this [...]


It’s funny, because the moment you add the graphical element to a program, its size grows ridiculously. It was true when I was programming them out of hand-drawn ascii art with QBasic, it was true when I was still using QBasic to create simple 320×240 graphics, it was true later with Visual Basic, and it’s [...]


So today I thought to myself, “recently I have had a lot of free time on my hands. In addition, I have received a best buy gift card that i should use. i will go buy a computer game.” Which I did. Unfortunately, I got a message saying that Direct3D could not handle something about [...]

where the real world meets idealism

I want to use Linux. I like the concept of open source software; I’ve hacked with Linux a bit myself; it’s a good idea. But I use windows. The funny thing is that I was always sort of assuming that it was simple laziness keeping me on my platform. However, the more I look into [...]


Have you ever read an article that inspires in you a strong desire to implement a system shell? Not a whole operating system, mind you: I’m no Linus Torvalds. But… I dunno. Read this. It’s a good article. And it’s a goad to anyone who knows how to program at all…