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True Stories of Life in Japan, pt 3: A Cross-Country Drive

Socialization posed an interesting problem while I lived in Japan. I was the only fluent speaker of English in quite a large radius. I interacted socially with some of my adult students, but there was no way to be completely unreserved with them: they were my students; they paid for my livelihood. Almost as important [...]

if you want the code find it yourself in the repository

For those of you who have large adwords accounts, I just finished the beginnings of a management tool to make it easier to control exactly what and where things go. The general launch point of this program is the batch file awapi.bat. That file handles the mechanics of loading all the necessary classes; the Java [...]

road trip

Last month, I made plans. The first weekend of this month, I was to go skiing. The last weekend of this month, I was to go to an onsen. Skiing was fun but mostly unremarkable; I took a train there, skiied for a day and a half, and took a train back. There was some [...]


so my memorial day weekend went like this: Friday: went to upstate new york Saturday: my sister was in a canoe race there; she came in 2nd Sunday: went to boston, visited relatives, watched a play, came home

happy memorial day weekend…

’cause i’ll be gone to new york, and won’t have access to my computer until late Sunday.