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It’s a new year again, for my readers in Korea and Japan at least*. (新年あけましておめでとうございます!) For my family and most of my friends, it’ll be another half day or so. In moving here I’ve cheated over twelve hours from both 2009 and the decade it was a part of; I think most people will agree [...]

No good will come of staying in Iraq

One of the worst things about living in a representative democracy is that when you become fed up with your representatives, it can take ages to actually change them out. The citizens of the US have wanted for years to get out of Iraq. The citizens of Iraq want to know when we’ll leave. The [...]

it is new year’s eve and life is good

My family came to visit for Christmas. They got here a few days beforehand, and left this morning. Of course, my apartment being both tiny and messy, we didn’t actually spend any time there; instead, we visited Tokyo, Kyoto, and the surrounding areas. I have pictures, and I have stories to tell. Unfortunately, right now [...]


For bonus fun, as of two hours ago I’ll be spending the next few days traveling to NYC, New Jersey, and back again so that I can see the girl who claimed me over New Year’s. The previous sentence does in fact parse into proper grammar; ‘over New year’s’ is the direct object of the [...]


I hope you’re having a very jolly New Year’s celebration. After all, there’s still some mistletoe left over, some parties to attend, some people to see… As for me, I’m going to sleep in a few minutes. “Why?” you ask. It is because I have a flight at Logan tomorrow morning, and I’m getting up [...]