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steam cake ginza kimuraya

The english text at the top reads as follows: My lasting memory of that first trip to France in 1952, is of sensuality. Today, one would have to step off an aeroplane on the other side of the world to experience such an impact on the senses. There was a strangely exotic smell which hit [...]

more good news

I am now officially a yellow belt in Bushido-Zen Kenpo Karate. This is in fact the lowest belt they offer, but it’s better than no belt at all. Also, it came up in conversation that about 90% of what I’ve been learning is completely illegal in Massachusetts mixed-style fighting tournaments. That’s always good to know. [...]

Anticipatory Repudiation

Let’s say that I accept employment with a company. Let’s say that for various reasons, that company fails to pay me. Let’s say that my job for that company involved writing code. Let’s say that I am given responsibility for a fairly major project for a client. After a while, after several requests to meet [...]

Personal Infor

You want some personal information about me? Can’t get enough Coriolinus? survey taken from // series one – what’s your – Name: corilinus – Birthdate: January 26, 198~ – Birthplace: Washington DC – Current Location: Worcester, MA – Eye Color: Brown – Hair Color: Brown – Righty or Lefty: Right-handed – Zodiac Sign: No idea. [...]


So. Christmas has come and gone, and with it the gifts, experiences, and whatnot. Drove a few hours today to Mass, to see my new cousin get circumcised. It’s a ceremony that, as important and holy as it may be, still gives me the jitters. Other than that… Driving back home, it began to snow. [...]