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One thing that’s interesting about the Linux LJ client is that as far as I can tell, it doesn’t need a password to make a post. I look in the password box in my client, and there’s nothing there. But I can still post. However, when I first enter my password (which does have the [...]


My computer is finally starting to come together again. I’ve got everything running that I need to run on a regular basis, I’ve set up things so that I can yoink some idle time from some other processors in the house when I need it (though they can do the same…), I got the new [...]

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I want to use Linux. I like the concept of open source software; I’ve hacked with Linux a bit myself; it’s a good idea. But I use windows. The funny thing is that I was always sort of assuming that it was simple laziness keeping me on my platform. However, the more I look into [...]


why do i know so very little about programming modules for linux? I can hack the existing source files just fine; I can even create new system calls at whim. Those things pose no problem. But the assignment is quite specific: make an externally-compiled module that can be loaded into linux at runtime and which [...]