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Google Wave

I tend not to be an early adopter of tech. With software, it’s because most software in the world exists to solve problems that I don’t have. With hardware, it’s that and the fact that new hardware is expensive as well. Thus it is that I only recently joined Google Wave. My impression before joining, [...]

a summary of my interactions with the army, to date

[15 April] From: coriolinus To: generic internet recruiter Msg: I want to fly helicopters. Here are some details about me. Am I eligible? [18 April] From: generic internet recruiter To: coriolinus Msg: Tentatively, yes. Here is the contact information of the local recruiter who will sign you up for testing. From: local recruiter To: coriolinus [...]

laser surgery: the artermath

Today’s laser surgery went well. However, be advised that I am ty0ping this without looking at the screen, as my eyes are still fairly sensitive to light. Please be forgivig about any typos which may occur; I can’t correct them the way that I normally would. For a brief description of how the procedure goes, [...]

I am so very happy

I just turned in, on time, one of the two final projects due today. As it happens, this particular project was to write a 10 minute play. So I’m going to post it here. Because it’s the best play ever, Razor Cannon: A Cautionary Tale Scene 1: Fade into a dark, clear stage. Voiceover: For [...]

some truths

i am not enrolled in the federal witness protection program i have never been outside the earth’s atmosphere for any reason. i have never been party to any process that breaks known natural law i have never broken a bone in my body i have no family history of crime or serious illness or deviancy [...]