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I hereby dub today “let’s find all the silly design decisions Java’s designers made, and curse them day.” Why can’t you call super.super, and keep chaining them until you get up to Object? No good reason. It would make things too easy. [40 minutes later, because it didn't post the note the first time] Then [...]


When I spoke of callback functions a little while ago, what I really wanted was a function (or method) pointer. I’m going to do some more looking, but it doesn’t seem like Java supports this at all, which means I have to go with a workaround, which makes me kind of sad.


I suppose that the textbook Java for Students, though useful for people wanting to learn to program using Java, is kind of below my abilities now. Unfortunately, it’s the only Java reference manual I have right now… I keep going to it looking for information about callback functions, and how to get around the “clone() [...]

no, what’s getModel() do?

Java isn’t a bad language, really. It’s got a lot of positive things going for it, and when things work right, they come together quite easily. It’s just that it’s so incredibly picky. Say that, for some reason, you want to include a GUI checkbox in a program. You can drop one in with no [...]


Ok: tonight so far I’ve attempted to install two different programming languages before i could start my homework Abandoned the sample code as unusable because, among other things, it simply doesn’t work (re)learned enough java to implement a (simple) graphical program from scratch that supports some usability testing Finally, I have enough framework built that [...]

i no longer remember the context of this post

New thought: I may work entirely in java for the main frame, so that I keep the advantages of multithreading without having to deal with multiple-language programming. I’m going to have to look into this. Is Perl multithreaded? Because if I’m going to learn a (basically) new language for this project, it might as well [...]


disappointed. php apparently doesn’t support multithreading, and though it does support some forms of integration with java (which does support multithreading), that’s a bag of worms I’d rather not open up unless I at least have a basic framework of code going already. on the plus side, I got all my christmas shopping done and [...]


for the record, I hate coding GUIs in Java. it’s just horrible.