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Cars have been on my mind a lot recently. So far in the decade I’ve been licensed, I’ve owned three. My parents gave me an Eagle Vision when I was in college, and I bought a Saturn LS2 from them a few years later after returning from Japan. Both were sensible, practical, well-maintained sedans firmly [...]

Professional Development Day

It’s that time of year again: the entire BN took the day off to attend mandatory seminars. Until lunch, it was the familiar parade of lectures that boil down to “It is better for you personally and for the Army if you are not a drunken boor.” After lunch, we had an interesting tour of [...]

Losing the War

I read about war. It’s always been an interest; now it also counts as professional development. I recommend Losing the War by Lee Sandlin to anyone who shares an interest in armed conflict. I disagree with one aspect of his work: he believes that Japan would have surrendered within weeks even without the use of [...]


It’s a new year again, for my readers in Korea and Japan at least*. (新年あけましておめでとうございます!) For my family and most of my friends, it’ll be another half day or so. In moving here I’ve cheated over twelve hours from both 2009 and the decade it was a part of; I think most people will agree [...]

Soul of a New Machine

It’s about time for me to build a new computer. I last did so last time I wintered in Asia, and it’s been a few years since then. The rig that blew games out of the water back then only plays them hesitantly now. Luckily, constructing a new computer is a lot easier now than [...]


Also, I thought it was cool: for the first time since leaving Japan, my bumbling half-fluency in Japanese has been of practical use. Another pilot with a Japanese car had a malfunction in his electrical system, and I helped him by reading the hiragana labels on the circuit breakers yesterday. It makes me smile when [...]

Airport Impressions

Civilian Commercial: Seoul Incheon: not actually very remarkable. It’s a big modern airport very much like many other big modern airports. It’s not ideally designed: it requires walking maybe 1500 meters from one end to the other, for military arrivals at least. Still, its linear design means it is at least simple. Also, free internet [...]

yes i did write that

I’ve written a piece over at Japundit: Hikikomori – Japan’s Invisible Population

Review: Sukiyaki Western Django

This is an unusual movie. Produced with an all-Japanese cast (except Quentin Tarantino), it unites 12th century Japan and 19th century Nevada. It is in English, but as though the characters (not the actors) had agreed to use that language beforehand for reasons of their own. Accents are thick, sometimes to the point of incomprehensibility, [...]

The Importance of Diversity

My little brother recently wrote about an article which argues that western culture has gone too far in accepting and promoting diversity, and the acceptance of other cultures. On the one hand, I am forced to agree with this guy on some points: not all worldviews have equal merit, and some are simply better than [...]