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I think that the most fundamental difficulty that people struggle with is that all the evidence suggests that there are other people, quite distinct from themselves, who have lives, stories, and the rest of it. That there are six billion and more individuals on the planet, each of whom is conscious, thinking, who can tell [...]


There has never been a war without civilian casualties. There will never be a war without civilian casualties. The nature of war is such that it is impossible to completely eliminate civilian casualties, friendly fire, and all the other problems that are inherent in the concentrated use of force in an effort to change the [...]


The world faces a conflict. Is an armed conflict now the best way to deal with Iraq? Or are weapons inspectors the solution? To this I ask: did the negotiations and the appeasements stop Hitler? Would weapons inspectors have? I really can’t understand the Europeans. I don’t fall for the ‘they don’t feel our pain [...]