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new TSA madness

Most of what I have to say is simple repetition of others. Still, this much at least is original: while the new restrictions remain in effect, I will not fly commercial air in the US. I will not succumb to an atmosphere of paranoia in which I am required to keep my hands visible, my [...]


I am now a Chief Warrant Officer 2. Unless I stay in the army longer than I expect to, this is the rank I’ll leave it with. It’s no mark of special merit: every Warrant Officer gets this promotion automatically after two years as a WO1. Still, it’s nice to have the recognition, the pay [...]


Let me tell you my work schedule, because it is crazy: Last Friday: 2pm – 2am Saturday: 11am – 9am Sunday Monday: 3pm – 5pm Tuesday: 9am – 9am Wednesday Thursday: 8am – 3pm Friday: 2am – noon This has a lot to do with the fact that half the BN is currently tasked to [...]


I went to a summer festival last night. Unfortunately, most of it happened after dark, so a lot of the pictures came out crappy, but I did manage to get one good video: (If the embedded video doesn’t work, try this link) I’ll try to get pictures up later.

Word Processing Secrets for Writers

So, I asked for cool things for Christmas, and everything I got was useful. With one exception: I got one of the funniest books that I have ever read… It’s called Word Processing Secrets for Writers, was written in 1989, and is so anachronistic that it’s absurd. I just got to a section entitled “Avoiding [...]

Online Romancing

The internet is a great place to hang out. There are people around all the time, from all over the world, and there are enough of them that it’s not terribly difficult to find ones with interests similar to your own. I started chatting well over two years ago, and started using IRC about a [...]