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Against Undue Optimization

We chart our lives as paths through multidimensional state spaces. It’s trivial of course to consider only the familiar four dimensions, but these diagrams only become meaningful when you disregard the relative simplicity of space-time and plot, instead, your position in decision-space. You stand motionless at the vector sum of every decision you have ever [...] One-upping ConfigParser

There comes a time in every programmer’s life when they decide that some silly, common library that they use all the time just isn’t good enough. It takes too many actions, or it feels opaque, or there are obvious features conspicuous in their absence. For me, that time is now, that library is ConfigParser, and [...]

The Myth of Sisyphus

Reading Albert Camus’s book. So far, I can’t say I’m impressed. He’s got a big vocabulary. So do I. I’ve experienced often enough the fact that people assume that this implies intelligence far beyond what actually exists. Now I have evidence: this book, which I’m reading because of a recommendation saying it was quite profound, [...]

Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac was the first rapper. What? Most rap is the singer bragging about their accomplishments. The most frequently bragged about accomplishments: The ability to compose verse on the fly. The ability to seduce women with the aid of said verse Proficiency with a weapon Cyrano was accomplished in all of this, before the [...]

Blue House

Last Friday I took a tour of the Blue House: Korea’s executive mansion and offices. It was a nice enough tour, though we were only allowed to take pictures from three designated locations. For the most part, the landscapes were beautiful and the architecture stately. There were two exceptions: two carefully manicured lawns which had [...]

Another Date, Another Breakup

Met, ate a fancy dinner, saw a performance of Miss Saigon. It turns out that the play’d been translated entirely into Korean. Not particularly surprising given the theater location, but the website played the songs in English. Left the theater, got the speech that’s becoming creepily familiar. “You’re a great guy and I’ve enjoyed our [...]

In the last seven days

I had Thursday off to go to Yongsan for an appointment. Despite that, I worked 48 hours. I flew 9.1 hours in a UH-60 and 2.1 in a Cessna 172. I read three novels and four volumes of a graphic novel. I wrote approximately 2500 words of essay, blog, and correspondence. I spent 12 hours [...]

I like that one of the autotags for these three sentences is “rational egoism”

Human beings are not rational. I am, unfortunately, human. I may not be able to transcend my nature but I don’t have to like it.


By preordering the sequel on Steam I got the original free. As I already owned the original via Steam, I have one license too many. As Steam is actually fair, it gives me the option to give away the surplus license. Who wants Bioshock?


It’s a new year again, for my readers in Korea and Japan at least*. (新年あけましておめでとうございます!) For my family and most of my friends, it’ll be another half day or so. In moving here I’ve cheated over twelve hours from both 2009 and the decade it was a part of; I think most people will agree [...]