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Protocol Buffers

Subtitle: The good, the bad, and the… no, wait; this is a Google project. XML and Java have the same sort of flavor to them: they’re reasonably good and very widely used; they’re the sort of product that design committees everywhere aspire to create. Their flaws only really become visible after something better comes along. [...]

The blog is dead! Long live the blog!

Frankly, “blog” still sounds more like a fantasy creature encountered in swamps than a place on the net to write, but I suppose I’ll have to get used to it. There was a time, ages ago, when I might have had some small ability to influence the common vocabulary of today, but that time has [...]

beware: features ahead

I found what was causing the error, after 7.5 hours of debugging. A library I didn’t write that my code uses was crashing because of an error parsing the input file, which happens to be a page straight from the wild and woolly internet whose contents I have no control over. The error wasn’t showing [...]

code trade

I dislike web design; I can construct HTML, but I prefer to just put together a reasonable framework with lots of hooks so that someone who likes that sort of thing can come in later with CSS and make everything pretty. If necessary, I can do some CSS stuff myself. I loathe Javascript. What’s worse, [...]


For some reason, I still have internet service. This is somewhat worrisome, as I was under the impression they were going to cut it off as of yesterday. I found an interesting link, though it’s a bit frustrating for firefox users because the lack of a .htm or .html extension causes it not to be [...]

on the other hand I could just use a mature content management system

I just had an epiphany of sorts; a vision of how to turn web page design into an exercise in object-oriented plug and play. I can keep the whole system in my head for a few seconds at a time… The basic reason for this is that well-designed sites end up having a lot of [...]


It’s funny, because the moment you add the graphical element to a program, its size grows ridiculously. It was true when I was programming them out of hand-drawn ascii art with QBasic, it was true when I was still using QBasic to create simple 320×240 graphics, it was true later with Visual Basic, and it’s [...]

Thoughts of GaratHack

Sometimes I feel like I was one of the pioneers of the modern internet. Why? Long before the current popularity of blogging media, I had my own weblog. Before that was even a word. Granted, it was that way primarily because I can generate large quantities of prose without too much effort and I had [...]

yeah, another webcomics directory post

So I think I’ve worked out a nice new way to implement the webcomics directory. It’s going to be class-based, instead of function-based, and I’m going to start exploring the uses for mySQL in PHP instead of reading everything from flat file formats. In the end, if all works out right, it should look exactly [...]

webcomics directory update

You know, it’s a deceptively simple concept: starting with nothing but a basic understanding of HTML, write something that manages to put 40 or so webcomics onto one page for easy viewing. Teach yourself anything you need on the way using publicly available tutorials. Bonus points for style and creativity. The little html that I [...]