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Today’s Numbers

1: Days of week the PX closes early 2: Days of week the base back gate does not open 3: Weeks between buying a brand new HP laptop and its bricking itself 5: Items in this list which fit the Fibonacci sequence 8: Minutes to cycle between my apartment and the base back gate 10: [...]

Pictures from Last Night

It was an interesting night: I was at a B-Boying (breakdancing for those not down with the slang) competition. As a second date, it was quite fun; as an event to photograph, it was a challenge; as a skill, it was intimidating. More images here, at the flickr set. Statistics, because I am a nerd: [...]

On the Beach

Just finished this book. It is a gem. Some stories are great because of the tremendous imagination of the author. Some are great because of the engaging tone and style in which they are written. This book is great because every word intensifies a single emotion: despair. Not one is wasted or counterproductive. I like [...]

24 hours on duty again

Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World is a truly excellent book, particularly for an extra-long duty day. When you’re not fatigue-drunk, he’s got an engaging style and wild wit. When you in fact are, the story perfectly matches the sense that nothing is provably real.


By preordering the sequel on Steam I got the original free. As I already owned the original via Steam, I have one license too many. As Steam is actually fair, it gives me the option to give away the surplus license. Who wants Bioshock?

first real obstacle

The heat sink’s included mounting bracket doesn’t fit the holes in the motherboard. There’s an addon part I can buy to provide compatibility, and that’s ordered now. Still, it looks like it’ll be another week before I can really get started on this.

new TSA madness

Most of what I have to say is simple repetition of others. Still, this much at least is original: while the new restrictions remain in effect, I will not fly commercial air in the US. I will not succumb to an atmosphere of paranoia in which I am required to keep my hands visible, my [...]


It’s a bit early this year. What with the facts that four days of any vacation I take are dedicated to travel, and that my sister is now splitting her holidays with her newly acquired inlaws, it worked out best to just administratively reschedule the holiday a month earlier to fit the family’s needs. It [...]


Seoul is beautiful to fly over at night. This is an entirely unsurprising observation. What’s a little less obvious until you’ve actually seen for yourself is that whoever’s in charge is clearly a huge fan of SimCity. It’s a big, successful city, so there’s no question that they’re good at it. Still, it also shows [...]


I’m generally a fan of Miyazaki’s work. However, he exhibits a lot of variation in the quality of his films, and this is one of his poorer ones. A human-faced “goldfish” seems to be the natural form of the mermaid. One of these creatures is accidentally captured by a human boy, who in the course [...]