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Refreshing the Creativity Well

Vacations are wonderful times. It’s not just that I get to hang out with my wonderful friends and family. It’s not just that together, we head out and explore new and cool parts of cities and partake of fascinating events and activities. In addition to these, I get all the time in the world to [...]

the social graces still escape me

I wish people were more willing to converse on arbitrary topics. That they had unbounded curiosity, and were willing to discuss things they know little about in the hopes of being educated. I want to be able to walk up to someone at a party and start talking about why investing in space technology is [...]

Teachers’ Pets?

I’m in a course called Introduction to the Psycho-Sociology of Science, which is basically about the nature of scientists and science itself, the manner in which knowledge is advanced and discoveries are made. Today, I kind of monopolized the class, by getting into what amounted to a twenty minute discussion with the professor on whether [...]

What is Love?

So, now I’ve been thinking. How can you really define love? Coriolinus, the more I think about it the more I agree with you. Like I’ve said before, while I don’t think I need to wait till I feel ready to marry someone to tell them I love them, I do think it holds a [...]

time management

This term–too much work. Everywhere I look, I see projects that I’ve gotten myself into, deadlines that need to be met, constraints on my time and myself ad infinitum… It’s getting harder to get everything done. School is over in 4 weeks. Pershing Rifles pledging is done in 2 weeks. Sigma Pi pledging gets done [...]

pushups are no fun

I don’t know why I’m not doing well during PT recently; I can’t point to any part of me and say “this part is exhausted; this part hurts to move now.” But there’s this huge laziness, this block that prevents me from doing nearly so well as I know I can. While doing the exercises [...]