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Summer Fest

Command has been promoting the K-16 summer fest for over a month now. Come to summer fest! It’s a Friday off! All the cool people from not just this base, but Yongsan and the surrounding Seongnam community will be there! Naturally, the day arrives and there is rain. This isn’t just any rain, though: it’s [...]

Some Books I’ve Read Recently

(In reverse chronological order:) Shogun, James Clavell. It’s not a bad story, really; it’s extremely detailed, and he does a good idea of giving an impression of 16th century Japan. I just couldn’t get past the fact that he absolutely butchered the Japanese language, which he scattered throughout for a well-intentioned but disastrous attempt at [...]

this is the post that is generating all those incoming google links for “webcomic scraper”

Aside from assembling a fairly complete and easy to use webcomic scraper, my thoughts recently have been on such issues as: Is it possible for a mathematical point, a singularity, to rotate? My opinion: no. Reasoning: Rotation requires an axis to rotate about, and a distance from that axis. A point on the axis of [...]

iceberg sighted!

As fate would have it, my first apartment disaster ever happens when I’m in a foreign country whose language I barely speak. The short of it is that during the night, for no reason I discern, the hose connecting my washing machine to a faucet in the wall fell off, leaving the faucet blasting water. [...]


I read a lot on vacations. So I go to my public library, and cruise around, picking books that look interesting by authors I’ve never heard about. I do this because I’ve already read the library’s entire stock of books by authors I have heard about, because I’ve been frequenting this library since before I [...]

lazy? antisocial? me?

Gah. Time to decorate the Christmas tree. This year, I got home from school, and it was all set up, with only a string of white lights as decoration. I really like it that way; especially compared with the way we traditionally decorate it: 20 pounds of ornaments, tinsel, and electronics, so that you have [...]