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Translation: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Prologue

Well, I finally finished translating the prologue of the novel. A bunch of people have asked me what it’s about, and until now all I could say was “I haven’t finished nearly enough to even know.” Now I have at least an inkling, and you can too. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Prologue I [...]

I was going to post this earlier but I got distracted by the internet

I procrastinate, sometimes. I took something like 250 or 300 pictures over the Christmas vacation. My family came to visit, and we travelled to a bunch of places over the course of a week. Then, after the vacation ended, I didn’t offload the pictures from my camera. After all, I had a new computer to [...]

it is new year’s eve and life is good

My family came to visit for Christmas. They got here a few days beforehand, and left this morning. Of course, my apartment being both tiny and messy, we didn’t actually spend any time there; instead, we visited Tokyo, Kyoto, and the surrounding areas. I have pictures, and I have stories to tell. Unfortunately, right now [...]

Part Suggestions

I think that for Christmas, I will assemble a computer so that I can play games reliably again. In the past, I’ve bought systems pre-assembled from various companies. Unfortunately, my budget was always, at best, limited, so my only option was to buy old technology and then run it as long as it held up. [...]

Word Processing Secrets for Writers

So, I asked for cool things for Christmas, and everything I got was useful. With one exception: I got one of the funniest books that I have ever read… It’s called Word Processing Secrets for Writers, was written in 1989, and is so anachronistic that it’s absurd. I just got to a section entitled “Avoiding [...]


If you happen to be someone in the habit of giving things to me for Christmas, I’m not going to bother making a wishlist. What I want is either too expensive or un-giveable. Just browse thinkgeek for a while and come up with something cool. It’a like Amazon for cool things.


I want only a few things from Santa this christmas. The reason I’m asking Santa is because it seems unlikely that anyone else can or will give them to me. Full reinstatement into AFROTC, complete with a return of the scholarship. College is quite a bit more difficult to afford without the scholarship, and I [...]


I sent in my final statement for the ROTC Disenrollment Investigation today. After this, it’s entirely out of my hands what happens. I’m told that I may hear back sometime before the Christmas vacation, but not to consider that a hard and fast date. Until such time as I hear one way or another, I [...]


So apparantly someone went and came up with a list of 100 of the best books ever. I’ve reproduced the list here for your viewing pleasure. And, for a stub of interest, I’ve italicized the ones which I’ve read. the alchemist, paulo coelho alice’s adventures in wonderland, lewis carroll animal farm, george orwell anna karenina, [...]


So. Christmas has come and gone, and with it the gifts, experiences, and whatnot. Drove a few hours today to Mass, to see my new cousin get circumcised. It’s a ceremony that, as important and holy as it may be, still gives me the jitters. Other than that… Driving back home, it began to snow. [...]