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The Twelve Perils of Driving in Korea

I went to Yongsan today for a dental appointment. While stuck in traffic, I came up with a song to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. I’ll write the last verse; I’m sure you can infer the rest. As I drove into Yongsan, what did I chance to see? Twelve driver TVs, eleven [...]


It’s been just over a year since I bought my first laptop. I bought the cheapest one I could find, because all I really wanted was to be able to dedicate a machine to the Army. It needed to be able to check my email, run the Army’s flight planning software, and little else. It’s [...]

classing up

Right now, I’m in a bubble. This is just one of those inexplicable absurdities of flight school: as flight training is very expensive and very perishable, one would expect to be rushed through as quickly as possible. Instead, there is a mandatory, months-long wait between finishing primary and beginning training in your advanced aircraft. It’s [...]

Engineered vs. Organic Code

The code I posted this morning is nothing I’d ever show to a prospective employer. It is sparsely commented, convoluted, and nearly impossible to expand. All I actually wrote of it last night was the part to prune down the source tree, so that the best-rated categories weren’t being spammed out by a bunch of [...]

Gift Cards

This Christmas, I got a Best Buy gift card and a Borders gift card. They’re nice gifts, given that I do tend to buy both consumer electronics and books in large quantities. However, the nearest Best Buy is two hours away from where I live. The nearest Borders is only half an hour away, but [...]

i don’t know about you but i got to the cake at the end

So, Portal. I just played it through in its entirety; it took slightly less than 90 minutes. On the other hand, this was my fourth playthrough since I got it for Christmas. Is it short? Very. Is it worth its price? Absolutely. This game has tremendous replayability; it’s got the same sort of fun as [...]

New Project: True Stories of Life in Japan

I’ve started writing the True Stories of Life in Japan because I figure I can probably tell some, and I wanted to see if I could handle writing a few hundred words every weekday for ten days. It’s more or less a way for me to brush up on my creative writing skills. As such, [...]


About a month ago I bought half of all the books Terry Pratchett ever wrote. I was hoping they’d last until Christmas at least, but it turns out that a vacation is a really good excuse to stay up reading for 20 hours in a row. In the course of the last book, I encountered [...]


Why not to upgrade to Windows Vista. Deliberately constricting content that I’ve paid good money to allow my system to maximize makes me angry! Also, merry christmas.

holiday roundup

Life is hectic. Current events: the latest news of general significance is that there may be flowing water on Mars. I still hope to see it for myself at some point. The latest news of personal significance is that the final review board for my helicopter flight application (and all the other similar applications filed [...]