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because even when i do nothing you are desperate to read about it

Some may wonder what I was up to on this long weekend. Others may wonder what long weekend I’m talking about, but they get the shortest answer of all. The majority, at any rate, are wondering different things entirely. The US Army celebrates Columbus Day with a four-day weekend, which would be a suspicious use [...]

dunker-heeds and off-base life

Flight training proper, in which they teach us the theory and practice of keeping a helicopter in the air and the proper procedures for causing it to interact with the ground both with and without violence, has not yet started. However, we do occasionally get bits of training now; those parts tend to be awesome. [...]

problems with personal internet service

My ISP is YahooBB. I want to set up my computers here that the computer plugged directly into the modem is a webserver and a gateway through which the other machines can connect if the firewall rules permit. However, to connect a BSD server via DSL, you need to configure the PPPoE. Under Windows, this [...]

Was it worth it to the OTHER people who share the apartment? I don’t really care.

Why is it worth it to buy the extra-fast internet? When we could get perfectly serviceable broadband for half the rate? It’s worth it because two people are both using Bittorrent; getting upload and download rates of over 100k/s each, without killing the bandwidth of anyone else.

Intellectual Socialism

How can information be free and at the same time properly reimburse the creators? That’s a tough one. I’d rather propose an alternate system, take a look at its pros and cons, compare it to our own. Let’s start with the notion that information wants to be free, that all we really need is a [...]


I’ve written about this before, so bear with me. I read incessantly. Sometimes I stop for a time because I am busy, or because there are other things on my mind, but those times never last long at all. Sometimes a day or two. More often, an hour or two. Why do I do this? [...]

game thoughts

master of orion 3 is not finished with regression testing. however, the developers (quicksilver) are moving their offices, and won’t be doing any significant coding for the next two weeks. I was disappointed when they missed their 4 dec. release date, because it meant that I wouldn’t get the game for christmas. now i wonder [...]