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Airport Impressions

Civilian Commercial: Seoul Incheon: not actually very remarkable. It’s a big modern airport very much like many other big modern airports. It’s not ideally designed: it requires walking maybe 1500 meters from one end to the other, for military arrivals at least. Still, its linear design means it is at least simple. Also, free internet [...]

True Stories of Life in Japan, pt 3: A Cross-Country Drive

Socialization posed an interesting problem while I lived in Japan. I was the only fluent speaker of English in quite a large radius. I interacted socially with some of my adult students, but there was no way to be completely unreserved with them: they were my students; they paid for my livelihood. Almost as important [...]

holiday roundup

Life is hectic. Current events: the latest news of general significance is that there may be flowing water on Mars. I still hope to see it for myself at some point. The latest news of personal significance is that the final review board for my helicopter flight application (and all the other similar applications filed [...]

They hate us for our toothpaste!

I’m flying from Boston to Seattle this Saturday, then the return trip a week later. To ease the process, I packed a small suitcase, so that I could go through the entire trip without having to check a bag. Then, the TSA imposes a ban on “all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, tooth paste, hair [...]


I now know what my major movements will be during the month of August. Basic plan: 2 August: Tokyo -> Boston -> Rochester, NH 12 August: Boston -> Seattle 18 August: Seattle -> Newark (NJ stuff goes here–details to be figured out later) 20? August: NJ -> vertumnus1′s family’s place 27? August: Drive back to [...]

the waveform collapses

Back when I first heard that the owner of my franchise had died, I thought of three major scenarios which might occur in its wake. Ordered in order of estimated probability, they were: the business continues with no major changes, the business shuts down immediately, the business continues for several months but is then shut [...]

road trip

Last month, I made plans. The first weekend of this month, I was to go skiing. The last weekend of this month, I was to go to an onsen. Skiing was fun but mostly unremarkable; I took a train there, skiied for a day and a half, and took a train back. There was some [...]

this is the first time I have travelled on my own budget for a speaker I am interested in

I spent my afternoon and evening at MIT. Why? Piro was giving a talk there tonight, and the train schedule didn’t let me spend anything less than my entire afternoon and evening to catch a two hour lecture… it was good to get out of Worcester for the day, though. Of course, it was raining [...]


Alright, I’m signing off now for the next two months or so. Tonight I head to Boston in preparation for the 6am flight to field training. That’s the first month. Then I head to be a camp counselor immediately afterwards, which takes care of the second month. My computer’s going to be disassembled and stored [...]


I’ve written about this before, so bear with me. I read incessantly. Sometimes I stop for a time because I am busy, or because there are other things on my mind, but those times never last long at all. Sometimes a day or two. More often, an hour or two. Why do I do this? [...]