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True Stories of Life in Japan, pt 9: So You Want to be an Expatriate

One of the more common reactions I get from people newly learning that I’ve lived in Japan is “I wish I could do something like that.” It’s actually not all that hard; all you need is a bachelor’s degree, some patience during the application process, a few thousand dollars to get you over there and [...]

True Stories of Life in Japan, pt 8: Nonverbal Communication

My entire stay in Japan originated because of my interest in Japanese. It wasn’t a particularly serious interest at first, but I discovered somewhat to my surprise that I really liked studying that language. It was only natural that once I actually got to Japan, I continued my studies, even though it meant paying almost [...]

honestly though, the customer service really is fantastic

Today marked my third attempt at getting a bank account. It ran into the same snag as at the previous two banks–the process was rolling along fine (where ‘fine’ is defined as the original teller calling over whatever colleagues speak a little English, and having me write everything down, and hurried conferences with the floor [...]

bank server errors are much more worrisome than other server errors

The plus side is that I got my internet working again today. The minus side is that I checked my bank account at an ATM and discovered that I seem to be exceedingly poor, and several hundred dollars shorter than I thought I would be. The doubleplusminus* side is that when I went to check [...]

everything is fine-ancial

Right then. The past 7 days have been somewhat stressful. In the sense that I’m a camp counselor, and have to manage the 6 unruly kids in my cabin and bear ultimate responsibility for them, it’s been great; this is what I’m used to and (I think) good at. And that part’s over next week [...]