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Life Update

I am in the midst of new romance. I’ve been dating this girl for a month now, and things are going very well. It’s all very exciting: in the Grand Planned Schedule Of My Life, this is right around the time I’d expect to find someone to settle down with permanently. I’m not rushing into [...]

Green Platoon

Anytime an Army pilot arrives at a new post, they have to get to a status called Readiness Level One, which just means that they’re familiar with the local flying procedures, the local area, and their new unit’s mission. This can take several months. Here in Korea, since the default tour length is only a [...]

left behind

The Army has determined in its institutional way that morale is a good thing to keep high. As such, every so often, they let people out of work and take them on a field trip. The nature of the trip varies according to the circumstances–one of my friends was in the Old Guard previously, and [...]

A Note on Rank

Whenever I see a Warrant Officer in the news, their rank is invariably given as Chief Warrant Officer. It’s almost correct, and it certainly sounds like a military rank. The only problem is that it is incomplete. Unlike every other rank in the Army, which we imported wholesale from the British, the Warrant Officer corps [...]


It’s been just over a year since I bought my first laptop. I bought the cheapest one I could find, because all I really wanted was to be able to dedicate a machine to the Army. It needed to be able to check my email, run the Army’s flight planning software, and little else. It’s [...]


I keep putting off going to sleep. I think the idea is that this is the last hour of the last day of my vacation, and tomorrow I have to get up to an alarm and go to work and resume the daily grind. As it happens, I like my job; the daily grind really [...]

army status update

I woke up this morning slapping my alarm clock into snooze mode. In that moment, snapping from zero to consciousness, my first thought was that that wasn’t the first alarm that was supposed to go off. Upon investigation, I had apparantly already snoozed my cell phone without recording a memory of the event. It is [...]

army vignettes

Our lieutenants were promoted last week. They all graduated from the class of 2007 at around the same time, and this marked their 18-month promotion cycle updating. They were joking around with each other about just coloring in their rank insignia with Sharpies, instead of buying new ones. “It’s kind of bittersweet,” one mentioned. “I [...]


Contact phase of 60 training started two weeks ago. Classes began before that, but we only got as close as cockpit training devices and disassembled models and pieces. Two weeks ago, we began flying the real thing. Each of us has something over 10 hours of stick time now. The check ride is Monday. In [...]

The Death of Posse Comitatus

Definition of Posse Comitatus: The Act prohibits most members of the federal uniformed services from exercising nominally state law enforcement police or peace officer powers that maintain “law and order” on non-federal property. However, the Army Times reports: The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent 35 of the last 60 months in [...]