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Robot Cleaners

At my last apartment I had a cleaning lady come by every week. It wasn’t very expensive (an Alabama advantage: cheap labor!), and it kept the place looking and smelling nice. Unfortunately, that’s just not an option here. I prefer living in a clean place, but I don’t actually sweep and mop myself nearly as [...]


How can you tell it’s fall in New Hampshire? The treetops blaze in pyrotechnic glory, and the air becomes crisp and cool in anticipation of winter. How can you tell it’s fall in Alabama? Air conditioning isn’t necessary until after sunrise.

Task: Arrange military funeral honors for your retired service member

Conditions: Your service member left the military under honorable conditions. Their funeral is to take place in Alabama, north Florida, west Georgia, or eastern Mississippi. Standards: Contact the Casualty Assistance office no later than 36 hours before the funeral. Provide them with the correct date, time, and location of the funeral; the name and rank [...]

Gift Cards

This Christmas, I got a Best Buy gift card and a Borders gift card. They’re nice gifts, given that I do tend to buy both consumer electronics and books in large quantities. However, the nearest Best Buy is two hours away from where I live. The nearest Borders is only half an hour away, but [...]

and to think i missed pt because of this

My car, a 2000 Saturn LS2, now makes a steady tone upon startup that does not stop. It has the sound of a fairly serious warning tone, but none of the dashboard lights are on. I’d really like to know what this means, if anything. It didn’t seem prudent to drive it without knowing what [...]

dunker-heeds and off-base life

Flight training proper, in which they teach us the theory and practice of keeping a helicopter in the air and the proper procedures for causing it to interact with the ground both with and without violence, has not yet started. However, we do occasionally get bits of training now; those parts tend to be awesome. [...]


I’m here, I’m doing great, and I seem to have passed Basic Training without any major issues. Basic ended last Friday morning, leaving me the entire afternoon and early evening to spend with my family and friends who had all come down to see the graduation. I really enjoyed having everyone there; it meant a [...]