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I just spent several hours hanging out with my best friend from childhood. He just got back Tuesday night from the training portion of his career in the Air Force; in a little over a week he’ll leave again for a three year tour of duty at Lackland AFB as a ground radio technician. I [...]

I am sane!

About 10 years ago, my mother decided that I had ADD or ADHD. She took me to some doctors, who were willing enough to agree with her, and one of them prescribed Ritalin for me. That caused a big problem about a year ago when I enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program, because I [...]


THE PRESENTERS NAME: Coriolinus DATING STATUS: no, though there are some prospects… HEIGHT: 6’0″ EYE COLOR: brown HAIR COLOR: dark brown NICKNAMES: Coriolinus, Corio SCREEN NAME(s): see above BIRTHPLACE: Washington DC SCHOOL: going to be a college sophomore at WPI FRIENDS: not many. they don’t come easy, but I usually keep ‘em for life. PIERCINGS: [...]