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Peaceful Resolution

The alarm clock never actually registered as a sound, at first. Through some somnolent semi-synaesthesia, it was a persistent pulsing of pressure, unignorable and inexorable in dragging him to awareness, but not sound. It only ever registered as noise after he was most of the way awake, clearing his eyes, sitting up. Only then did [...]

Unfinished Story Fragment

Once upon a time magic wasn’t very useful. Most people could touch it, bend it in at least a small way, but as a practical force it was too complicated, too arcane for most. The most successful magicians, the ones with towers of their own and actual incomes from the use of magic, were mildly [...]

Transcontinental Song

The Army’s in Korea to support our great allies. My comp’ny’s role is simple: drop some troopers from the skies, And as a junior pilot I just keep the rotors high, SO let’s all fly to Asia for the Army. I’m wearing now the wings that took two years for me to rate. A couple [...]

In Which I Talk to a Ghost

“Do you show up on NODs,” I asked the ghost. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure a ghost was there. There was little to indicate the presence of anyone but myself, and what little there was could be easily construed as something else. The only light in the room was filtered from distant headlights [...]

The Truth About Fog: a Story

One of the characteristic features of the stuff is that it never comes indoors. Have you ever noticed that? You can open your front door, stick your arm out, and have it fade to invisibility before the wrist, but close the door again and inside your house everything is normal. Surely you didn’t think this [...]

I will tell you a story now, about a ship adrift…

We should have turned as soon as we saw that the ship was drifting. Sending in a report to the Coast Guard and then setting out over the horizon would have discharged our obligation. The Captain didn’t want to do that though; he wanted to be a Good Samaritan, and render what aid and assistance [...]

I will tell you a story, in one week

It is time again to practice my writing. Writing whatever comes into my head as it comes doesn’t work particularly well, because my best ideas happen when I’m far from a keyboard and usually too busy to take an unscheduled break anyway. Writing on a deadline, for the consumption of others, seems to work pretty [...]

the below is 100% true

Last night I vomited on the inverter. I was at a little traveling fair, set up in the parking lot of the local Walmart. It wasn’t much of a setup; just enough in the way of rides and stands to get some money out of local parents who thought that it’d be fun for their [...]

True Stories of Life in Japan

True Stories of Life in Japan is a series I decided to do as a creative writing exercise. My constraints were that I was to publish one per weekday, that each would be at least 500 words, that the series would have ten installments. They would each focus on some aspect of life there, while [...]

True Stories of Life in Japan, pt 10: All Good Things

My contract in Japan specified that I would stay one year at that company, and that nine months into the process both the head office and I would determine whether the contract was worth renewal. If we both decided that I should stay, I would get a raise of about $1000 annually and an automatic [...]