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the threshold

Imagine a computer game. Imagine that it had wonderful gameplay, packed with features–say it’s on the par with a big name game like The Sims 2 or Halflife 2. However, you had to interact with it via a text console in a manner reminiscent of the ancient Adventure and Zork games. Would you play it? [...]


C/C++ is a language that hates the programmer, mostly for stupid reasons. It’s not a bad language, really. It’s just not what you might call user-friendly. I have an AI project due tomorrow. It’s pretty simple: we have to produce something that plays tic-tac-toe in three dimensions on a board four spaces across. So my [...]


Looking at the textbooks of the courses I’m taking gives an interesting view of their authors and by extenstion the mindset of people in that part of the industry. The AI textbook was clearly written by hackers (look at the definition if you think this is a pejorative term). It’s lucid, written with a sense [...]