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Army Helicopter Pilot?

The Army just called. I have been neither accepted nor rejected; my packet was not reviewed. They say that the people at Brunswick Naval Air Station did not send all the records needed, so I get to wait another month for the next review board. Let’s just say that I’m thrilled.


It’s been a while since I posted any substantial content relating to my life. Very few things have happened which are interesting enough to write about on their own, but I suppose collectively it’s worth writing about. I’ve acquired a motorcycle license and a Kawasaki Ninja. It’s fun; the weather is getting a bit chilly [...]


I haven’t written much at all of my life since returning from my vacation, mostly because the pace has been glacial and nothing so far has seemed worth an individual post. In short, I’m still working my way through the application process to become a helicopter pilot for the Army; when I went for the [...]

Just suggestions……

One of the requirements for being accepted into the Army’s pilot training program is a handwritten, one page essay on why I want to be an Army aviator. Of course, the requirement for the final version to be handwritten doesn’t prevent me from drafting on the computer, so that is what I have done. My [...]

a summary of my interactions with the army, to date

[15 April] From: coriolinus To: generic internet recruiter Msg: I want to fly helicopters. Here are some details about me. Am I eligible? [18 April] From: generic internet recruiter To: coriolinus Msg: Tentatively, yes. Here is the contact information of the local recruiter who will sign you up for testing. From: local recruiter To: coriolinus [...]


The Army is easy to pick on for discriminating based on gender; after all, large swaths of duties are simply prohibited to females. However, the argument is often made that there are at least two good reasons for that: maintaining morale in limited privacy areas, and the fact that on average, males are simply more [...]


As always, the Army is optimistic about the possibility of a Pandemic Flu. The phrase “poultry with avian flu are destroyed immediately” intrigues me. I know that it is unlikely, but I can’t help but hope that, in the sake of efficiency, they are used for jet engine stress tests. It’s not so much two [...]