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on the creation of a national language

I can trace my roots back to immigrants if I go back five generations. Despite that, only my mother and grandmother can speak French (their ancestral tongue), and it was a second language for both of them. Every one of us speaks English as our first and primary language. My great-grandfather on my mother’s mother’s [...]


Atheists are the least trusted minority group in America. I have to say that I find this more amusing than threatening.


It makes me kind of sad when people get on these big anti-USA kicks. Sometimes they make little quizzes, and people take them online, to determine what form of USA-hater you are personally. They usually include an option for people who don’t actually hate the USA, which if you are unlucky enough to get it [...]

Mr. Lindh should die, convicted of treason. Unfortunately, he probably won’t.

I see in the news that John Walker Lindh’s trial is in the air because during three interviews with him in Afghanistan, his lawyer (who his father had retained in America without contact with the man for over two years) was not present. Does this sound like junk to you, too? If Mr. Lindh was [...]