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Airplane vs. Treadmill

If you haven’t heard of it, this was a meme a while ago, whose best solution is here. Right now, I’m just reading through some of the archived debates, laughing at idiots. The funniest are the people who almost understand what’s going on: Mike: The plane will TAKE OFF. But there’s no guarantee of it [...]

Request to Civilians in Control

Incidentally, I’m back from SERE. The problem with giving civilians control of the military is that in times like these, when the civilians in charge are literally insane, people like me end up dying for even worse than normal reasons. I say that they are insane because they meet the classic definition: they are trying [...]

From the same article…

God as noise in the machine. To seal the case for the temporal lobe’s involvement, Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Ontario sought to artificially re-create religious feelings by electrically stimulating that large subdivision of the brain. So Persinger created the “God helmet,” which generates weak electromagnetic fields and focuses them on particular regions of [...]


It’s the day before graduation of Warrant Officer Candidate School and I’m having the first unrestricted internet time since the course began. 20 hours from now, I’ll be an officer in the US Army. It’s kind of a cool thing, I think. My focus right now is on finding housing and moving my stuff down [...]


I’m here, I’m doing great, and I seem to have passed Basic Training without any major issues. Basic ended last Friday morning, leaving me the entire afternoon and early evening to spend with my family and friends who had all come down to see the graduation. I really enjoyed having everyone there; it meant a [...]

one more thing before I ship out to basic

there’s a fundamental wrong in letting some people marry. Happily, the issue has been addressed in the state I call my own.


Fire extinguisher rocketry. I love the deadpan announcer. Caution: Japanese.


These guys need more publicity. Also, a better videographer. Caution: may only be funny if you are a nerd.

job hunt 2007

So. I have been applying for jobs hither and yon–focusing in particular on the West Coast yon–and things are starting to pay off. I just got a call from a company in Las Vegas offering to fly me there for an on-site interview. This is by no means a guaranteed job, but dude! Free trip [...]

Hear hear! (nt) – Explodicle

The GOP here is introducing a bill allowing “contractual cohabitation”: marriage in everything but name. I think this is a pretty reasonable stance to take on gay marriage. Anyone here who wants to argue that this is actually a bad thing?