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A Happier Video

Rock on, NH

Chart: Religiousness vs. everything else.

Losing the War

I read about war. It’s always been an interest; now it also counts as professional development. I recommend Losing the War by Lee Sandlin to anyone who shares an interest in armed conflict. I disagree with one aspect of his work: he believes that Japan would have surrendered within weeks even without the use of [...]

It’s Time to Fire the TSA

I like this article, by Joel Johnson of Gizmodo: I don’t want to die on an airplane. I don’t want to die in my home while eating an organic bagel infested with parasites that lay eggs on my liver. I don’t want to die from starvation or bad water or a thousand other things that [...]

fun mini-dialog

New England: where n00b weather gods go to get their training: “Pst. Dude.” *shake* “*snerk* Huh? Wha?” “You slept thru the first month of winter. The Prof is gonna kill you!” “OMGWTFBBQ! Why did you let me sleep so long?!?” “I dunno, dude, you just looked peaceful or something. At least I woke you before [...]

Roots of Breakdance

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

Anyone who is even a little bit a nerd needs to read this.

Caveman Science Fiction

I love this.

the basics of financial self-sufficiency

I just saw a moderately engaging presentation on why, instead of buying a new car with a loan every few years, it’s better to save some money and buy used cars for cash. It’s nothing revolutionary, but I can’t help but wonder: how are people surviving if this is new information for them? What sort [...]

USAF Model HGM-25A Missile Weapon System Operator’s Manual

I tonight came across the operator’s manual for a Titan Missile complex. It’s an enormous, 600-page PDF that I just cannot stop reading. It is fascinating in a very literal sense for me–I’ve spent a few hours more than I intended to already reading this–because it hits several of my buttons: Big Tech, Nuclear Weapons, [...]