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The Twelve Perils of Driving in Korea

I went to Yongsan today for a dental appointment. While stuck in traffic, I came up with a song to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. I’ll write the last verse; I’m sure you can infer the rest. As I drove into Yongsan, what did I chance to see? Twelve driver TVs, eleven [...]

Gift Cards

This Christmas, I got a Best Buy gift card and a Borders gift card. They’re nice gifts, given that I do tend to buy both consumer electronics and books in large quantities. However, the nearest Best Buy is two hours away from where I live. The nearest Borders is only half an hour away, but [...]

holiday roundup

Life is hectic. Current events: the latest news of general significance is that there may be flowing water on Mars. I still hope to see it for myself at some point. The latest news of personal significance is that the final review board for my helicopter flight application (and all the other similar applications filed [...]

I was going to post this earlier but I got distracted by the internet

I procrastinate, sometimes. I took something like 250 or 300 pictures over the Christmas vacation. My family came to visit, and we travelled to a bunch of places over the course of a week. Then, after the vacation ended, I didn’t offload the pictures from my camera. After all, I had a new computer to [...]