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Hypothetical Question Time

Say that you are buddies with a top computer scientist. He has been working for DARPA on an AI project. He succeeds! True AI! Over the period of a few months of shakedown trials and training of the new AI, you befriend it. This time ends when your buddy announces to DARPA project success, so [...]

note to self: in future, avoid having to work with useless people

Ok. I turned in the project, an 18-page monstrosity, on time. I managed to rush through the part that my project partner was supposed to do, and skipped. I managed to complete all the analysis and compare/contrast items. I was pretty terse in a lot of places; that was unavoidable. My project partner contributed three [...]

writing about my current tasks will always be more fun than performing them

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve stopped trying to deal with the computer I currently have. I’ve been leeching off other people, and going to the public ones around campus when necessary, because taking twenty minutes to find a computer that works ends up being faster and less annoying than attempting to keep [...]


Two sentences I have heard in the last six hours: “Vaya con diablos, sucka!” “I feel like such a slacker, because I have microbiology and I’m always walking into the classroom and seeing all my CS friends leaving AI.” I’ll figure out a post with some content later, after I’ve finished all the current project/crises. [...]