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I keep putting off going to sleep. I think the idea is that this is the last hour of the last day of my vacation, and tomorrow I have to get up to an alarm and go to work and resume the daily grind. As it happens, I like my job; the daily grind really [...]

a quick recap

In June 2003, I flew to South Dakota for field training: the AFROTC equivalent of boot camp. Three weeks later, having failed three PT tests, all due to pushups, I was ejected with prejudice. This led to my forcible disenrollment from ROTC, and the transmutation of what had been a nice scholarship into a loan. [...]

required memorization

Back when I was in AFROTC, hoping to fly for the Air Force, I was required to memorize a poem: Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds – and done a hundred things You have [...]


It turns out that when the Army finally does get into gear and start training a person, they don’t mess around. Yesterday started at 0800 and ran through 1500. Today started at 0730 and ran through 1700. Oddly, I handle this kind of busyness a lot better than I do the previous idleness. I had [...]

holiday roundup

Life is hectic. Current events: the latest news of general significance is that there may be flowing water on Mars. I still hope to see it for myself at some point. The latest news of personal significance is that the final review board for my helicopter flight application (and all the other similar applications filed [...]

in this case the category is literal

I had a dream last night–the only unusual thing about that is that I remembered it at all. The content, however, was unusual: when I dream, it’s usually about some adventure with an action-movie plot, and has a costar drawn from the list of girls on whom I have had a crush. Last night’s, however, [...]

i really need to stop merging unrelated posts

Recent developments: I talked to the recruiter I’ve been working with on the phone this morning. Next week is Golden Week, a week-long holiday in Japan that I neglected to make any plans for. However, the recruiter suggested that the Army would be willing to fly me to Guam for that week to take the [...]