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Let the Dust Settle

Alright folks, I haven’t written here in over a year and find myself wanting to close this thing down. I’m not going to take it off the net entirely, but it’s no longer a useful frontispiece to my presence online. It’s been a good time, but it’s time to go now. I’m still online, of [...]

The Rules of Puns

If there is a pun, that was intentional. If there is not a pun, that was also intentional. Parenthetical declarations of intentionality serve no purpose but to exclaim “Hey! I just made a pun!” This implies the reader wouldn’t notice, insulting them and negating any humor the pun might otherwise have had. Negative humor is [...]

Site Lines

I finally got around to tinkering a little bit more with this site. Real-time translations are back for a variety of languages; right now 30% of my traffic comes from outside the US, so it seems like a good service to provide. The buttons are at the bottom left, under the tag cloud. The other [...]


For the last few days this site’s been unavailable; my host changed their PHP config and I didn’t notice it until this morning. I’m going to be taking this opportunity to upgrade the wordpress version, so the site may go down again for a little while. Sorry in advance! Things should be running normally again [...]

if it wasn’t already obvious

Yeah, I just spent my entire weekend watching and reviewing anime. I’ll probably be back to writing about more serious stuff for some time after this. I’ve got a stack of 30 or so novels on the little table by my bed; that’s where they go after I’ve read them but before they get filed [...]

Do you want another story?

If you liked the last story, I can tell others. I’m not sure how I got that one from the prompt “magical realism,” but I guess I had a sea story in me just waiting to emerge. Let me know what you think because I am honestly curious:

I will tell you a story, in one week

It is time again to practice my writing. Writing whatever comes into my head as it comes doesn’t work particularly well, because my best ideas happen when I’m far from a keyboard and usually too busy to take an unscheduled break anyway. Writing on a deadline, for the consumption of others, seems to work pretty [...]

The blog is dead! Long live the blog!

Frankly, “blog” still sounds more like a fantasy creature encountered in swamps than a place on the net to write, but I suppose I’ll have to get used to it. There was a time, ages ago, when I might have had some small ability to influence the common vocabulary of today, but that time has [...]

True Stories of Life in Japan

True Stories of Life in Japan is a series I decided to do as a creative writing exercise. My constraints were that I was to publish one per weekday, that each would be at least 500 words, that the series would have ten installments. They would each focus on some aspect of life there, while [...]


True Stories of Life in Japan will continue through the finish after the holiday break.