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caucasian recluse

Heh. I thought I would wander around to the places where my friends tend to gather tonight; do some hanging out with them. I’ve been pretty reclusive lately, and I thought it would be good to see people. Unfortunately, everything was deserted. Absolutely nobody around in most places. There were a few people hanging out [...]

breaker broke

I think of electricity as one of those little touches that a room just doesn’t feel like home without. Which was why I was disgruntled for the past few days as my room’s power started flickering in the bad way. Once I found the house manager, he managed to fix the problem in only a [...]

in which I fail to achieve depression

Looking over my last few posts, I realize that it may seem that my life is focused entirely about my computer, with occasional forays into traditional college activities like classes. That is not exactly the case. I do other things, sometimes. I have been known to watch anime, play Dungeons and Dragons, read books for [...]

snow day horray

As of 0630 this morning, there was no snow on the ground. I went to sleep, tired and with things left to accomplish, thinking that the snow wouldn’t come until later this week, if it came at all. I was wrong. It seems that between the time I went to sleep, and the time I [...]