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I seem once again to be an outlier

I loved WPI. In general, the teachers were competent, the courses challenging, and the people lots of fun. I feel like I got a good education there, despite the fact that I’ve not used it professionally yet. I figured that having a really cool job would make up for a salary cut. I knew that [...]

caucasian recluse

Heh. I thought I would wander around to the places where my friends tend to gather tonight; do some hanging out with them. I’ve been pretty reclusive lately, and I thought it would be good to see people. Unfortunately, everything was deserted. Absolutely nobody around in most places. There were a few people hanging out [...]

note to self: in future, avoid having to work with useless people

Ok. I turned in the project, an 18-page monstrosity, on time. I managed to rush through the part that my project partner was supposed to do, and skipped. I managed to complete all the analysis and compare/contrast items. I was pretty terse in a lot of places; that was unavoidable. My project partner contributed three [...]

status update

Although I haven’t written about it for a while, I’m still working on the IQP. Somehow, it’s not as fun now that I’m doing serious codework as it was when it was all conceptual. But no matter; it’s going to be over soon, and with it another of the major hurdles they put in front [...]

breaker broke

I think of electricity as one of those little touches that a room just doesn’t feel like home without. Which was why I was disgruntled for the past few days as my room’s power started flickering in the bad way. Once I found the house manager, he managed to fix the problem in only a [...]

in which I fail to achieve depression

Looking over my last few posts, I realize that it may seem that my life is focused entirely about my computer, with occasional forays into traditional college activities like classes. That is not exactly the case. I do other things, sometimes. I have been known to watch anime, play Dungeons and Dragons, read books for [...]


An email I received two days ago: SUBJECT: Fly-In Saturday ***REPLY REQUESTED*** The four of you are volunteering at the fly-in this Saturday. We will meet at the detachment at 1030 and will depart promptly for the Worcester Airport. We will be performing various tasks including directing parking and directing people on the flightline. Uniform [...]

young and foolish

I was thinking about my second reaction to events, two years ago. Which was, “Oh my god they’re about to activate me to go to war.” And I thought, man, back then I was young and foolish. And I thought, how have I changed in the last two years? I really haven’t. I’m still just [...]

An Unpleasant Surprise

This Tuesday, at around 0830 EST, I failed in one of the more significant ways of my life to date. Specifically, I failed my third attempt at the Physical Fitness Test, and was subsequently ejected from Air Force ROTC Field Training with prejudice. One of three things can happen to me now, following the Disenrollment [...]

snow day horray

As of 0630 this morning, there was no snow on the ground. I went to sleep, tired and with things left to accomplish, thinking that the snow wouldn’t come until later this week, if it came at all. I was wrong. It seems that between the time I went to sleep, and the time I [...]