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in which I fail to achieve depression

Looking over my last few posts, I realize that it may seem that my life is focused entirely about my computer, with occasional forays into traditional college activities like classes. That is not exactly the case. I do other things, sometimes. I have been known to watch anime, play Dungeons and Dragons, read books for [...]


An email I received two days ago: SUBJECT: Fly-In Saturday ***REPLY REQUESTED*** The four of you are volunteering at the fly-in this Saturday. We will meet at the detachment at 1030 and will depart promptly for the Worcester Airport. We will be performing various tasks including directing parking and directing people on the flightline. Uniform [...]

young and foolish

I was thinking about my second reaction to events, two years ago. Which was, “Oh my god they’re about to activate me to go to war.” And I thought, man, back then I was young and foolish. And I thought, how have I changed in the last two years? I really haven’t. I’m still just [...]

An Unpleasant Surprise

This Tuesday, at around 0830 EST, I failed in one of the more significant ways of my life to date. Specifically, I failed my third attempt at the Physical Fitness Test, and was subsequently ejected from Air Force ROTC Field Training with prejudice. One of three things can happen to me now, following the Disenrollment [...]