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FW: Wikileaks data on Gov’t Computers & Personal Owned

Received the following email regarding the official Army policy on Wikileaks, at least for my unit: From: [redacted] Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 4:03 PM To: 2-2 AVN Staff; 2-2 ASLT COs; 2-2 ASLT 1SGs Subject: FW: Wikileaks data on Gov’t Computers & Personal Owned Computers (UNCLASSIFIED) Importance: High ALCON, Below is the guidance for [...]

Change of Command Video

At the beginning of this month, I got a task: I was to produce a comedic video short, 10-15 minutes long, celebrating the tenure of the BN Commander, to be shown at his outbound Hail and Farewell dinner. One of my peers would back me up, and I’d have command support for getting the filming [...]

change of command

We got a new company commander recently, and today he delivered his in-brief. He spent five minutes talking about his command philosophy–in essence, Do The Right Thing and Everybody Will Be Happy–and then settled down to the important issue: the Ultimate Frisbee league that, starting tomorrow, everybody in the company will be participating in twice [...]

user generated solutions

Today in the academics portion of training we were learning about close air support systems. In passing, the Lt. Col. teaching us mentioned this nugget: “The Army spent a few million dollars for a custom computerized battlefield orders management system. It can handle hundreds of detailed orders per day, and coordinate them with the rest [...]


It seems that the ALSE people rock. Aviation Life Support Equipment is a small, but heavily-trafficked office just outside the briefing rooms at the stagefield. Before every flight, one of the pilots goes to ALSE to check out life-support vests to wear in-flight. The vests are packed with goodies which are only useful after having [...]

i rock at flight

I soloed* today. I was the first in my class to do so. I rock at flight. Soloing is, of course, a strictly controlled and tightly scripted event which leaves no decisions in the hands of the pilot in training. It is a ritual designed to demonstrate that they have passed the minimum thresholds of [...]

on the first day of actual flight you give your ip a nickel

This morning at 0455 I was on a bus to the flight line. After some briefings, at 0800 I sat down in a helicopter–the first time I’ve done so in my life. Less than half an hour later, I was flying it without assistance from the instructor. Actually, flying at cruise speed and altitude is [...]

time management the army way

I don’t mind working eight hours in a day; it is reasonable. It gets a lot less reasonable when you impose a five hour gap after the first five hours; then, no matter what you do, you’re stuck with a bunch of time you can’t use productively or even entertainingly. What I really dislike is [...]

Pre-Flight Computation

Given the right information, it is possible to predict certain aspects of helicopter performance. For example, given the gross weight of the helicopter, the pressure altitude, the height of the skids above the ground, and the outside air temperature, it is possible to predict the percentage of torque you’ll require to hover. Given all that [...]

the sketchiest night of my life

One consequence of the long delay before I leave for Basic Training is that I have to come up with two more months’ rent. As such, I set out yesterday to acquire a basic, simple job that would pay over $10/hour and for which I could start immediately and end abruptly when it was time [...]