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Liberty and Tyranny

I recently encountered an childhood friend. We started talking politics, and it turns out that our thoughts politically have developed in very different directions. In keeping with the grand tradition of proxy war, we each agreed to choose a book for the other to read and comment on. He told me to read Liberty and [...]

“By what law will you try me?”

Guantanimo prisoner, whose case had already been dismissed in 2006, is back on trial under the Military Commissions Act. But Hamdan’s central question remained: “By what law will you try me?” The judge responded with the only answer he could: The military commissions law passed by Congress in 2006. “But the government changed the law [...]

the problem of sorting politicians by the issues should be easier

Politics has never been my thing. I know how I stand on the various issues, but I just don’t care enough to go searching through the huge number of potential candidates to find the one who most closely represents my views; I certainly don’t care enough to volunteer my time on behalf of any one [...]