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Apprentice Librarian

My weekend project: unboxing approximately 500 pounds of books and alphabetizing them onto their shelves. It’s finally done–allowing me to end my Amazon-fast and order new books again without guilt. My prediction: by the time I leave here, I’ll have at least one more bookshelf, and it will be at least half full.

Inprocessing: Complete

I’m finally out of inprocessing, or at least the formalized briefing portion of it. There’s still a bit more to go, but the rest takes the form of a checklist of tasks to complete. Mainly it revolves around people to meet and notify of my presence; it will hopefully not take more than a day [...]

First Impressions

Incheon International Airport has nothing to distinguish it from any other major airport I have ever been to. For the first 100 yards out of the airplane, I didn’t even see a single character of Hangul–everything, including the advertisements, was purely in English. The bus ride from the airport to the inprocessing station took us [...]