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Also, I thought it was cool: for the first time since leaving Japan, my bumbling half-fluency in Japanese has been of practical use. Another pilot with a Japanese car had a malfunction in his electrical system, and I helped him by reading the hiragana labels on the circuit breakers yesterday. It makes me smile when [...]


I just registered for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, level 3. According to the official site, this represents the following: The examinee has mastered grammar to a limited level, knows around 300 kanji and 1,500 words, and has the ability to take part in everyday conversation and read and write simple sentences. This level is [...]

Whence the fascination?

I’m really not sure why I’m so interested in Japan, or the Japanese language. It’s easy enough to find the point of entry of my interest; it was when I started to match sounds to subtitles in the anime I watched in college. However, that was little more than a passing fancy; it doesn’t explain [...]


A while ago I wrote about the postfix nature of the japanese language. Basically, this means that a whole lot of information is conveyed through suffixes, postpositions, and such… and the verb goes at the end. Now. One of the first things I learned is that to identify a person’s nationality, add the suffix -jin [...]