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Today’s Numbers

1: Days of week the PX closes early 2: Days of week the base back gate does not open 3: Weeks between buying a brand new HP laptop and its bricking itself 5: Items in this list which fit the Fibonacci sequence 8: Minutes to cycle between my apartment and the base back gate 10: [...]


One of the annoying parts of adulthood is that when things are necessary that I really don’t want to do, such as for example getting my biennial mandatory blood workup, I don’t have the option to tantrum or otherwise express that fact to the people around me. There was a great freedom as a child [...]

FW: Wikileaks data on Gov’t Computers & Personal Owned

Received the following email regarding the official Army policy on Wikileaks, at least for my unit: From: [redacted] Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 4:03 PM To: 2-2 AVN Staff; 2-2 ASLT COs; 2-2 ASLT 1SGs Subject: FW: Wikileaks data on Gov’t Computers & Personal Owned Computers (UNCLASSIFIED) Importance: High ALCON, Below is the guidance for [...]

Heuristics Korean Drivers Should Learn

Pass, don’t pace Don’t use more than one lane at a time Don’t pass someone in the same lane as you Tend to the right lane when moving slowly Tend to the left lane when moving quickly It’s rude to swoop in front of a line of cars waiting for an exit If not waiting [...]

The Sound of Cannon

Those of you who follow me on twitter know that I recently described tank fire as making a crumping sound. Recently I had the opportunity to learn otherwise. Tank fire sounds like a bass drum the size of a stadium. It is louder than thunder. A kilometer away from the firing, it rattled the walls [...]

This Is My Niece, With Whom I Am Well Pleased

Age: 6 months Interests: Gnawing, and Incredulity Quirks: Aside from the cooing and other normal baby noises, she occasionally lets loose with a primal GHRAAAAAAKK with a vast intake of breath. She then giggles at the surprise everyone around her inevitably displays. If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been almost entirely off the internet recently, [...]


Cars have been on my mind a lot recently. So far in the decade I’ve been licensed, I’ve owned three. My parents gave me an Eagle Vision when I was in college, and I bought a Saturn LS2 from them a few years later after returning from Japan. Both were sensible, practical, well-maintained sedans firmly [...]

Summer Fest

Command has been promoting the K-16 summer fest for over a month now. Come to summer fest! It’s a Friday off! All the cool people from not just this base, but Yongsan and the surrounding Seongnam community will be there! Naturally, the day arrives and there is rain. This isn’t just any rain, though: it’s [...]

Night Flight

Friday evening I flew an hour of goggle time. I was at day 57 of the 60-day period, after which my currency would have expired. The next evening, I got an hour unaided in a Cessna. NVGs are useful. I wouldn’t dream of attempting terrain flight, or landing in any but a perfectly clear well-marked [...]

Hacker’s Delight

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